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I would often visit the woods behind my house as a child. So many memories come back to me when I think of that tranquil oasis seemingly so remote yet not too far away from busy streets with loud cars and sirens. The sirens sounded like the call of some unknown bird while I would lie on top of a boulder and stare at the green sky with blue stars above me. Squirrels would often chase each other while birds feed would their young. No matter how hot a day it was, when I was in these woods, it was always cooler as if the woods had been enchanted with some ancient magic. While my friends were there with me, we would travel to worlds made of pure imagination. “Work! Harder! Faster!” shouted the Kings to us the mere peons. “Pull those trees out, bring them over here NOW!” Another time we were two tribes fighting for control of the “mountain” using weapons made of string and shards of rock. Always fearing the alleged ghost of a man who had crashed his car into the boulder smashing it and sending pieces of it down the slope. All that was left was a record he had in his car. Once when I was adventuring by myself, I found small bones of a squirrel or some other rodent under a rock. Delighted by my findings, I took them home to show my parents only to be forced to throw them in the yard and wash my hands for ten minutes. Recently, I was the leader of a tribe of four (including myself) and this was the only time we built a fort made of sticks perched between two rocks with leaves forming a roof. It was a one-room fortress with a small door. I am saddened by the fact that the portal to these worlds is closing as I face the challenges of high school and prepare for college.

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