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Albert Carr’s article, “Is Business Bluffing Ethical?” argues that people do not have to be completely ethical when dealing in business, mainly because sometimes being unethical allows individuals to become successful in business. Being ethical are counterproductive to business. Ethical is objectionable, although admits strong argument for doing business in an unethical manner. Bluffing is an integral part of the game accepted by all players so there is nothing immoral about it. Making comparison and found the rules of business to be the same as the rules of poker. In poker, it is acceptable to be deceiving and cunning. The most successful poker players are able to outwit their opponents through deceit and cunning. To strengthen the analogy between business and poker, the points out that both business and poker have large elements of chance, that the winner is the one who plays with steady skill, and that ultimate victory in both requires knowledge of the rules, insight into the psychology of the other players, a bold front, self-discipline, and the ability to respond quickly and effectively to opportunities presented by chance. Bluffing seems to bear a strong resemblance to lying, and therefore might be thought to be prima facie impermissible. On the other, many people have the intuition that bluffing is an appropriate and morally permissible negotiating tactic. In the real world bluffing is the same as lying. Lying deprives people of knowledge and restricts their freedom to act as rationally as they might with better information. They may be harmed economically or hurt by faulty products.

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