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Golf Handicaps

Par is the average strokes one is supposed to get on the golf course. Most golf courses are par seventy-two. Each individual hole has its own par, also. There are par fives, fours, and threes. At one time, there was a par six, but mostly, the golf course has four par fives, four par threes, and ten par fours.

A way to subtract strokes that one plays is by getting a birdie or an eagle. A birdie is one under the par for that hole or one under the average strokes that a person hits when (s)he plays. An eagle is two under the par for that hole and so is a hole in one. A bogey is one over the par and it is one stroke that you add on to your scorecard. A double bogey is two over the par, and a triple bogey is three over the par.

A handicap is the number of strokes a player receives to adjust his scoring ability to the par average (Golf 1). There is a handicap number for each hole you play and every golf course. The numbers go from one to eighteen and they are determined by the difficulty of each hole. If one is playing the hardest hole on the golf course and has a fifteen handicap, then you can get two strokes for that.

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A handicap is the most accurate and best way to measure a person’s skill and talent in golf. “A handicap starts the most arguable conversation on a golf course”, said Richard Bill who has been playing golf for over forty years ( March 0). Every amateur golf game between people that do not know each other starts with the question, “What is your handicap?” After the first hole, you will see if the person is actually an honest golfer or the golf term a “sandbagger” which means one who is not honest on his handicap so he can win against better players. Today, no player is completely honest concerning his or her handicap. If you are honest in your handicap then you have basically no chance in winning any amateur tournament. Even though no one is honest in their handicap, the handicap system is the best way in measuring a person’s skill and talent in golf.

A handicap is the number of strokes that you need taken off to get back to the par for the golf course. You post scores that you shot into a computer, and that computer tells you how many strokes you need, on average, taken off to get back to the par for the course. In this system, there are a few ways that you could cheat. One way is making up your scores to try and create a handicap where you will always be below the par for the course. Another way is to not post scores that would make your initial handicap go down and only post scores that would make your handicap go up. This is the most common way of cheating in the handicap system. After you get a solid handicap, then golf becomes a game that you no longer play against par but you play against your handicap. You try your hardest to beat your handicap, so that way, you can have a lower gross score.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) is the organization that issues the handicaps to the golfers of America. It has served as the national governing body of golf since it is 184. The USGA is a non-profit organization that is run by golfers to benefit all golfers. They spread throughout more than nine thousand, one hundred private and public golf courses, clubs and facilities over the United States. There are approximately eight hundred thousand players in the USGA throughout the nation (USGA Internet). The USGA mainly has one function that most golfers know about; it provides a handicap system (USGA Internet). With this, if a golfer is honest in constructing their handicap, golfers can compete on an equal basis. All golfers can enjoy a fair game even if they are playing against Tiger Woods. With the handicap system, you can actually play with him and have a fair game. Golf is the only game in which there can be equality among the players no matter how much ability or skill one golfer has than the next. They all have a chance to stand up on the first hole and be equal.

You can apply to acquire a handicap at any local golf course. There, you will be asked to fill out a certain form requiring basic information. It will also ask you where you want your home course to be. This means that the golf course you put down will be, in a sense your home court. Whenever you post a score, for your handicap, you will only be playing on your home course there and every other golf course will be your away courses. You will be a guest at every other course.

More than four point five million golfers have a golf handicap. “Forty to sixty percent of amateur golfers have a handicap”, said Kapoor Singh, club professional at South Ridge golf course (14 March 0). The handicap system has been available through the USGA from 11 (USGA Internet). Throughout all the years, the handicap system has gone through many changes because of the change in times. They now have handicaps specially made for short courses (USGA Internet). The USGA also outlaws equipment that might be unfair to the average golfer.

Honesty is the main factor in cornering a person’s handicap. If people are honest in posting scores, and shoot them truthfully, then the handicap system would do exactly what it was meant to do, but because of a person’s ambition to win. They have to exaggerate and cheat a little to make sure that they win. Therefore, the handicap system is just a way to see who cheats more than the other. It would be nice if every golfer would play fairly, but they do not. It makes you cheat on your own handicap because you have to go with the flow to have any type of chance to win a golf match or tournament. It is almost impossible to win honestly now which is sad.

The one thing that the USGA can do to regulate the handicap is that, if a person wins to many tournaments and matches by an extreme number of strokes because of his or her handicap, the USGA can put an “R” next to his name. Which means that his handicap is restricted and the USGA gives him a proper handicap that fits his golf talent and skill. Even if the handicap that the USGA appoints the golfer is still not the most accurate measure of that golfer’s talent and skill, then the USGA would put a double “R” which means that they will appoint a handicap even lower than the one already appointed (Bill March 0).

A golfer’s actual ability is even argued in golf related conversation. For example, some golfers now think that Tiger Woods, John Daly, and some of the other professional golfer’s hit the ball so far that it is unfair to the other golfers (Bill March 0). It gives them an edge on the other professionals because some think that they are making a fool out of the game of golf. People actually think that they should make hazards just for the long ball hitters so the rest of the players have a better chance to win. A person should not be punished for his skill and talent. Just because a person has the natural ability to hit the ball farther than another person, he should not be looked down on by the USGA. The golfers are just doing what comes natural to them; they are not trying to make a mockery of the game of golf. They are playing golf to their best ability. When one golfer’s ability is greater than the other, it separates the winners from the losers.

There are many other arguments in the game of golf, but the handicap system is the one that is most talked about among amateur golfers. The handicap is an example of person’s honesty and integrity. The handicap system is the greatest way to measure a person’s talent and skill. It is just up to that person to find it in him or herself to use it correctly. It seems like a persons ambition will always drive them to find easier ways to win. The handicap system will probably never be completely honest, but until golfers play the game truthfully, it never will be.

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