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Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz was born in 1646 in Leipzig, Saxony (now Germany). Leibniz was born to mother Catharina Schmuck and father Fredrich Leibniz, who was a professor of moral philosophy at Leipzig University. Fredrich died when Leibniz was only six years old, leaving widow Catharina to raise their child, and it is believed that the mother’s role in Leibniz’s early childhood played a major role in Leibniz’s moral and religious values. At this time he was being sent to a school which had a very poor program, but this young man was much more intelligent then many would have ever imagined. By the age of 1 Leibniz had taught himself to read more complex forms of Latin (learning the basics in his school), began to learn how to read Greek, and mastered ordinary school texts on mathematics, philosophy, law, and theology. It is believed that the motivation that Leibniz possessed was mainly due to the desire to read the books and notes written by his father, and eventually he also began to study from his father’s writings.

In 1661, Leibniz, who was 14 at the time, had entered the University of Leipzig (which during that era was a very common happening). At the University of Leipzig, Leibniz mainly studied philosophy-which was a strong and well-taught course in the university- along with mathematics, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. In 166 he graduated from the University of Leipzig, having completed the thesis called “De Principio Individui”. This thesis was basically a paper, which strongly emphasized the existential value of the individual. The existentialist view basically means that our environment, up brining, etc. does not account for the way we act, but rather we act upon our own self (everything we do is compelled by nothing else but ourselves). Leibniz began to study somewhat with Erhard Weigel who was also a philosopher bur more importantly a professor for mathematics at Jena. Leibniz finally began to understand the importance of mathematical methods, which gave his philosophical views more of a logical sequence.

After completing his degree in philosophy and studying somewhat with Erhard Weigel, he had returned to the University of Leipzig in October of 166, to start toward his goal of doctoring in law. During this time he was awarded his Master’s Degree in philosophy for his dissertation (which is a detailed lecture), which had a combination of philosophical and law aspects towards studying relations, and he had also tied in some mathematical concepts-which he learned from Weigel- to make the lecture more concrete. Before Leibniz had presented his dissertation, and for that case had not yet received his Master’s Degree in philosophy, his mother had died.

Soon after Leibniz was awarded his bachelor’s degree in law. Then in 1667 Leibniz was refused his doctorate in law, after completing his dissertation called “De Casibus Perplexis” (which translated in English means “On Perplexing Cases”). He immediately went to the University of Altdorf where he finally received his doctorate in law on February of 1667; he was promised a chair at Atdorf, which he had declined. One of Leibniz’s plans was to move to Paris, which he did in 167 on behalf of the Boyne-burg family who had supported him financially. During the same year Leibniz began studying mathematics and physics under Chritiann Huygens-beginning during the autumn- when he was sent to France by Boyne-burg to use a scheme he devised to try and distract King Louis XIV of France from Northern Europe. Nothing had happened with the plan and so then Leibniz began to study with Huygens. In December of 167 Boyne-burg as well as the Elector of Mainz had died leaving Leibniz financially vulnerable, yet this also gave him more freedom to pursue his interests in the sciences.

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His contributions to mathematics really began in 1675 when Leibniz had established the basis for differential and integral calculus. Then in 1676, after criticizing the Cartesian formulation for laws of motion, for quite some time, he became the founder of a newly devised formulation, which is known as dynamics. Also we must keep in mind that Leibniz had no financial support and therefore he was involved in many different fields, law, science, mathematics, and philosophy and he had been involved in many inventions to try and support himself; so he did not only make contribution to the mathematical field. Another contribution he made to mathematics was a more perfected binary system of numeration. (In 167) After suffering severely from gout, and being confined to his bed, he had died on the 14th of November 1716 in Hanover, (now Germany).

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