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Mr. Perfect ?

Three years ago a certain boy caught my eye, a seemingly perfect boy; he was funny, cool and cute. I was completely wrong about him and in for a huge wake up call. Through out your life there are many people you encounter that might seem to be great but turn out to be your worst nightmare.

At first, Mike was great he was polite, caring and could not be more perfect. He was the best friend of my friend’s boyfriend, so we spent a lot of time together. In fact, too much time. Around this time mike started to change- for the worst. Mike was like that bad taste in your mouth in the morning before you brush your teeth. We often fought when I could not hang out with him, and he would break up with me. No big problem though. I thought he was just very angry and needed some cool-down time. Soon after we would break up, he would come back to me apologizing and asking me to forgive him and that I should take him back. Stupid me.

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What is important to know, is that I was the type of girl who everyone liked- Cool, confident, funny, smart, and attractive a genuinely good person all round. Little did I know, Mike was somehow gaining control over me. He would make me feel guilty when I wanted to have a “girls night out.” But I kept convincing myself he was just really insecure, and somehow thought he would lose me. I cared about Mike, and I hated to argue, so I soon gave up doing all the things I loved. The arguing did not stop. We argued about everything. Mike’s moods changed like the weather, one minute he treated me like a princess, the next like a chewed up, spit out piece of gum you find on the bottom of your shoe. At times he would tell me he loved me and at others he would threaten me. But I would put up with it, and slowly I became insecure, sad and very angry. I could not understand, what had I done wrong? His behavior had become emotionally draining, and very abusive. I was slowly withering away inside.

It wasn’t until April of 001�almost a year later�that I realized I had to get out of the relationship. One night, after watching a movie, I was ready to leave his Mom’s house, but Mike was not ready for me to leave and he refused to let me go. I was so frightened and afraid to make him angry. When I went to put my shoes on, he ran to block the door. At first it seemed like some stupid game, but when I tried to push past him, he would not let me through. Then he reached into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, like a steak knife, and held it to my stomach with this disgusting smirk on his face. I could feel the sharp blade of the knife scraping my stomach, and asked him, “What the hell are you doing?” His reply, “I’m just joking with you.”

When he went to put the knife back, I pushed him a little so he would lose his balance and I ran out the door. He quickly followed and grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back, nearly breaking it. I slapped him in the face so he would let go and started running again. He caught up with me and by this time we were on a busy road. Mike grabbed me and I started to cry. Mike is a much bigger than I; nearly a foot taller. Mike pushed me and said he was going to push me in front of traffic, because I did not care about him. As I got closer to the road he pushed me one final time and tripped me. I fell into some shrubs. I scraped my arm and was bleeding. Mike freaked out and apologized.

It took me until June, but I finally broke up with Mike. Little did I know that it was only the beginning. Mike started stalking me, watching me, phoning me multiple times a day, emailing me several times a day, and he even posed as one of my friends online. He was like a leach draining every drop of privacy I had. He invaded me like a deadly cancer. He was relentless.

One day I as able to finally find the courage to tell my mom what had been happening. As I told my mom the truth of my tangled and twisted relationship with Mike her eyes became overwhelmed with tears. She felt horrible that I wasn’t able to talk to her as a daughter should. I kept thinking to myself-Should? What should have I said? Hind sight is twenty-twenty. I did not say a word to anyone until the situation was out of control. Even though my mom was disappointed that I was not able to confide in her the harsh reality of me and Mike’s relationship, she was extremely supportive and finally I felt loved and cared for again. I could not even remember the last time I had felt this emotion

Although Mike was a very negative person in my life I do not hate him because he taught me how when people are insecure with themselves they will do any thing in their power to bring someone else down to their miserable insecure level. I once heard a quote that was the inspiration for me wanting to leave Mike it was “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”. By Mahatma Gandhi. I had been so weak compared to Mike and it felt great when I finally stood up to him and left. I feel great now and am again a confident, outgoing woman with goals and aspirations for myself. I some times find myself looking at that cute guy with his funny personality and great charm a little differently than I did before.

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