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Public Tolerance of Alcohol and Tobacco

Public tolerance of alcohol and tobacco is vital to many structures within our society. Not only are we as a whole addicted to these substances, we are very economically dependent on them as well.

From a structural functionalist’s perspective, the use of both alcohol and tobacco serve many purposes within our system. Countless jobs are tied to the use of these chemicals. Consider the number of brewery workers and bartenders in Wisconsin alone. If there were a major change in the consumption of alcohol, the number of lives affected financially would be staggering, not to mention the reduced tax base. It is with this in mind that the use of alcohol, in many cases, is not only tolerated but actually encouraged.

We see the biggest and best athletes in positions promoting alcohol. This is a statement to young and old that in order to be the big tough guy who the world loves, we must drink his favorite beer. The cycle is perpetuated and the system flourishes.

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In my opinion, moderate use of alcohol is completely acceptable. I certainly don’t feel the need to bring back prohibition. I do however feel that the message we send, especially to young people, is very unhealthy. The athletes I spoke of are role models for our children. The very adult message they send in their promotions many times falls on an audience far too young to be appropriate. Today’s youth is brought up to see drinking as a glamorous past time. I feel this is one example of public tolerance and/or encouragement contributing to increased use of alcohol in our society.

Smoking is another example of socially tolerated chemical use. My opinion and experience regarding this subject is far different than the one I hold of alcohol consumption.

The use of tobacco is tolerated but is no longer glorified by our society. Quite the contrary, smoking is becoming more and more socially unacceptable. The dangers of first and second hand smoke have become obvious and smokers are more ostracized than ever before. Due to this fact and the exposure of children to a huge anti-smoking campaign, my opinion is that public tolerance does not greatly increase the numbers of new smokers.

Similar to the economic benefits of alcohol consumption and use, we depend on revenue from the tobacco industry and subsequent health related issues. As we discussed in class, there are far more people employed in the fight against cancer than those who are actually afflicted. The amount of revenue directly associated with the production and use of tobacco tells me that it will forever be available in spite of its deadly effects.

The tolerant views we hold regarding alcohol and tobacco use is drastically different than the majority opinion concerning the use of illicit drugs. Considering the number of deaths directly linked to alcohol abuse and smoking, it amazes me that we outlaw drugs which are less addictive and less harmful. One such example is marijuana.

My opinion is that society is very hypocritical in its response to alcohol and tobacco vs. some illicit drugs. Damaging effects resulting from use are definitely not similar. Some that are most damaging are those still socially tolerated.

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