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An Unfamiliar Place After I graduated from highschool I decided to take a class to become a CNA, or otherwise known as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I had always dreamed of becoming a Registered Nurse and this was the first step in the lengthy process. In the weeks prior to the beginning of the class I was a nervous wreck. I imagined what the class would consist of and what my future teacher would say. For some reason, I pictured my classmates to be similar to me, in their teens or early twenties and from American decent. But little did I know that I was in for a complete shock!

On the first day of class, I walked up the steps only find an empty classroom. Apparently I had arrived so early to prevent being late, that I had to wait an hour until all the students began to arrive. As I watched very attentively to the people walking in, I witnessed several older women of many various ethnicities and two hispanic men. And finally when all the seats were filled, I came to the realization that I was the only young adult in the class. And to my surprise, there were only three caucasion students. I really felt out of place! But luckily, my teacher was a very sweet older woman with a good sense of humor.

In the first few weeks of class I excluded myself from the group. I sat in my car during breaks and ate alone at lunch. I was even the only person to sit alone in the double-seated desks in the back of the classroom. I truly made no effort to even associate with my classmates. It just seemed as if they all spoke different languages, ate different foods, and dressed in different clothing than I did. I figured no one would want to talk to someone that was probably the same age as their own children. It just seemed like the situation could not get any worse. But finally, after weeks of exclusion, things slowly came around.

One afternoon a very nice lady in my class came up to me and started asking me questions about myself. She told me that she would help me if I needed any help with the coarse and that I should not be so shy with other people. I was very thankful for her generosity and took what she said into consideration. After that day I began developing friendships with all of my classmates and soon I became known as the cherished “baby” of the class. I learned to appreciate everyone for their differences and began to see that it was wrong to stereotype people.

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This whole experience taught me that I should never judge anything based on my first impression. One’s own perceptions of others truly says something about their perception of themselves. Although I did not expect things to go the way they did, in the end I was truly greatful that they did.

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