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The reader believes that The Acorn People is not a good representation of service that students at IMSA should ultimately hope to accomplish. It is in her opinion that the experience of reading this book was not a profitable one because of this reason. Three things that stood out in this particular publication included the lack of character development throughout the events that occurred to the main character. She noted no transition from the skeptic he appeared to be at the beginning to the warm counselor at the end toward the disabled group of children. His reaction at first to the handicaps were almost genuine in the sense that most people could to relate to this feeling. However, it seems with the flip of a page, he suddenly doesn’t mind assisting the children to the bathroom or attending to other undesired jobs such as these. The reader believes that without explanation of this changeover, the book lacks a critical factor that is essential in allowing the audience to see how an experience such as the one in the story should in turn, effect them. Without it, the plot just seems unrealistic and romanticized. This leads to another observation that the reader noticed� the bad example the members of the staff characterized. An elderly nurse that supposedly performs an act of heroism by removing tags while she was intoxicated? What message is this supposed to broadcast to the audience? That we accomplish our most awarding experiences that lead to the adoration of the public while under the influence of alcohol? That message becomes clearer and clearer to the reader as the book progresses and the children honor Mrs. Nelson more and more for removing the labels as if by that act she freed them from an invisible boundary and they could live carefree again. This led to the reader’s general observation that the author’s approach in assigning commonplace events such as the removing of the tags and playing in the pool a deeper meaning as in innocence or revival is anything but subtle. These little additions did not aid, but instead harmed any chances of the reader to believe any of the events that occurred in the book could take place anywhere except inside the pages of a novel or Disney film.

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