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In a land of free-living races, which include hobbits, ents, elves, dwarfs, and evil orcs, there is still the race of men. The race of men now has all the people of Middle Earth doomed. During the battle of Sauron, Mr. Evilguy, wearing The One Ring in the hand where he holds his sword, against men and elves, Sauron kills Elendil; Isildur, son of Elendil in a last effort and helped by rage, kills his father’s murderer by cutting his finger, ring and all. This is when The One Ring falls to the ground and Isildur grabs it. Elrond, one of the elvish leaders, takes Isildur to the top of Mount Doom, the only place the ring can be destroyed, but Isildur is overrun by the power of the ring and instead off throwing the ring into the fire he keeps it, surviving with the ring Sauron, its owner.

Some 000 years have gone by and the ring, that once was lost, has come to appear again, and with it the menace of Sauron regaining power and try to take over Middle-Earth. The Ring has come to the hands of a hobbit, Frodo Baggins of the Shire, friend of a powerful wizard, Gandalf the Grey (and keeper of one of the Silmarils) who suspects this ring the hobbit has is the One Ring, and so he does a research and finds his fears being correct. He sends the hobbit, with the ring and some companions, to Rivendell, house of Elrond. Among them was Strider, the others were Glorfindel and Gloin, Gimli, Erestor, Galdor and Legolas, Gandalf, and Boromir. The Council agrees the ring must be taken to the Mount were it was created for it is the only place it can be destroyed, and forms the Fellowship of the Ring, which are Aragorn, Frodo (the hobbit), Gandalf, Legolas, Boromir, Gimli, and three other hobbits.

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During the Council, Aragorn’s true identity is discovered to the ones in the Council He is Isildur’s heir, the one to take the throne of Gondor, the remaining realm of men.

Aragorn was raised in Rivendell, where he decided to give up his rights to the throne of Gondor and chose to live as normal as possible. Being raised with elves has helped him become wittier, intellectual and self-dependant. Elrond becomes to Aragorn like a father, and Gandalf a best friend, both teaching Aragorn most of the things he knows. One day Aragorn meets Arwen, daughter of Elrond who lives with her mother, and falls in love with her. It is this love that later helps Aragorn recover strength in many difficult occasions. This is strength that he carries in his blood; strength that is not only physical, but mental too.

Being Isildur’s heir has its pros and cons, but Aragorn gave up his con (being king to Gondor) for the fear of doing what Isildur did (become so selfish he will risk the free people’s liberty for his own welfare).

On the way to destroy the ring, Gandalf “dies” and Aragorn assumes the role of the leader of the Fellowship. It is now that you, the reader, discover that Aragorn is a natural-born leader. As the story develops, Aragorn accepts more the fact that if the ring is destroyed he will be king of Gondor, but instead of fighting against the forces of evil so he’ll become king, he fights for the freedom of all races of Middle Earth. Strider, another name that is used to refer to him, is afraid of what may happen to Middle-Earth and its free-people if he and the Fellowship fail to succeed in this quest. Apart from of this fear, Strider can be said to be fearless. He fights the Nazgul, ringwraiths, neither living nor dead. This Nazgul are just specters, and the injury made from their blade is not only lethal, but also turns you into one of them, and despite this Aragorn fights them.

Aragorn is strong and determined, and this is proven after Gandalf falls, when he must decide what to do, regardless of the sorrow that invades him for he has lost one of his best friends.

Aragorn, also known as the Elfstone, knows more than we can think. He is a character that unfolds as the story develops and grows to our eyes just as the story does. He knows so much of the cultures. The reader discovers many things as we read physically he is old (“…I may say that I know all the lands between the Shire and the Misty mountains, for I have wandered over them for many years. I am older than I look. I might prove useful.” ) , and wears ragged clothes, of dark colors and heavy fabrics, yet his muscles are still strong and in his eyes the look he gives lets you know that there is more than the eye can meet, our eye that is.. This description, at least to me, represents mystery and wisdom, courage and knowledge. Aragorn’s personality is complex, and to fully understand him you would not only have to read the trilogy but to analyze the appendixes related to him and fully understand all that the people in Middle-Earth are going through.

Strider is a protagonist, in “Fellowship of the Ring” and “The Two Towers” as part of the ensemble, and in “The Return of the King”, as the title suggests, because he becomes king of Gondor, with Arwen as queen, in the year 01 of the third age. As he accepts the crown of Gondor, his name is changed and now he will be known as King Elessar. Yeah, Sauron is defeated, but that is not up to me to tell you.

Strider’s bravery can be shown in this quotation from the book “the Fellowship of The Ring” “And my search would have been in vain, but for the help that I had from a friend Aragorn, the greatest traveler and huntsman of this age of the world. Together we sought for Gollum down the whole length of Wilderland, without hope, and without success… My friend returned out of the great perils bringing the miserable creature with him,” words of Gandalf the Grey to Frodo Baggins as he tells of the history of the One Ring.

King Elessar, Aragorn, son of Arathorn, the Ranger, Dunedan, Strider, the Elfstone, Isildur’s Heir changed through the books. At first he seems scared but still fearless, yet at the end of the third book, when he is still present, he is daring, energetic, and impressive. You can see Aragorn’s evolution in the books of “The Lord of the Rings”, by J.R.R. Tolkien, and for more information on his background you can read “The Silmarillion” by the same author “Unfinished Tales of Middle-Earth and Numenor” by Professor Tolkien’s son, Christopher Tolkien.

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