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Lacson says Palace unleashed attack dogs against him

SENATOR Panfilo Lacson said Tuesday Malacañang had unleashed new attack dogs to preempt or even stop him from uncovering his third expose against First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo.

Lacson made the statement following recent moves against him, including the filing of a second complaint on Monday before the Senate ethics committee by a group called Filipino Lawyers for Good Governance (Filgood).

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The senator said these attacks shifted to high gear as he prepared to deliver his next round of corruption allegations against Arroyo on the Senate floor when Congress resumes session on Oct. 6.

I have received information that Malacañang even created a task group which has been meeting thrice a week just to make sure that they can put me behind bars before (then), Lacson said in a statement.

The senator claimed that lawyer Arno Sanidad was part of the task group.

Sanidad has issued statements urging the Supreme Court to expedite resolution of the 15 Kuratong Baleleng rubout case, in which Lacson and former officials of the defunct Presidential Anti-Organized-Crime Task Force were implicated. The lawyer said Lacsons expos�s against Arroyo were meant to divert attention from the case.

Ricardo Abcede, Filgood national convenor and spokesperson, was another Malacañang attack dog, Lacson said.

Also on Tuesday, Lacson sought dismissal of the libel charges that Arroyo filed against him on Aug. 7.

Lacson and co-respondents Lito Banayo and Cavite Rep. Gilbert Remulla filed individual counter-affidavits before the office of Manila Prosecutor Nestor Gonzalez. Lacson, who was represented by his lawyers, invoked parliamentary immunity.

But he is scheduled to appear before Gonzalez on or before Oct. 1, when Arroyo files his response to the counter-affidavits.

In his libel complaint, Arroyo cited statements made by Lacson in press conferences on Aug. 1 and 0, which, lawyer Jesus Santos said, were not covered by parliamentary immunity.

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I believe that this sort of news is nothing new when it comes to the political situation in the Philippines. It is but common practice for government officials and legislators to lash at each other in order to satisfy their own personal interests. Its a sad fact that these politicians fail to do anything significant in their stay in office. A full page in the Inquirer was sponspored by some concerned individuals as to expose the Filipino people about the work that is supposedly being accomplished by the Senate. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw those figures in the paper today. It just goes to show that these senators arent fit to be in office. Theyre probably there for some of their own selfish motives such as taking an opportunity to entice the Filipino people to vote for them. They pass bills to change street names, make priviledge speeches and say anything they want to without any evidence(and mind you...they expect to be immune from trial or suit), and engage in all kinds of other activities that stain the reputation of the government.

A perfect example of how grave the situation is can be depicted by the fact that the president has received a lower rating than before probably because the people are beginning to doubt her credibility as a result of Lacsons allegation about her husbands money laundering activities. What the people dont realize is that Lacson hasnt been able to prove his claims as of yet. It is stated in the Philippine constitution that a man is innocent unless proven guilty so as of yet, the first gentleman isnt guilty of anything. Once this news gets to the international market, it will have a negative effect on the economy as potential investors would think of investing their money in another country.

On a more personal note, Im so sick and tired about these delaying tactics and allegations of these politicians. Ive witnessed many scandals such as the one created by Ador Mawanay, Lacsons involvement in the Kuratong baleleng case, the impeachment trial, etc. Isnt there an end to all of this? Does the Philippine government enjoy being the laughing stock of Asia? Dont get me wrong but I believe that we will never be able to get out of this serious problem unless were aware about whats actually happening. The Filipino people will have to be educated more so as to make more responsible choices on who to put in office. I mean...we have situations wherein people are charging other people with libel, individuals trying to put certain people behind bars so as to silence them temporarily, people resulting to delaying tactics so as to delay the judicial process, etc.

I look forward to the day when I see a Philippine government that actually functions. Id like to see the day that government officials actually look after the welfare of the public instead of plundering the nation for their personal interests. I know that this can be done...its possible but if we dont make a change, this is the way its going to be forever. This will be a dream of mine that will never be realized. I shall continue to pray that the political and economic situation in the Philippines improves. God bless the Philippines.

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