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Government or community service should not require 18-1 years old people to perform one year of service for them. There is much different type of services that are not proper for young people. There are three reasons, which are early adulthood, reality, and family, why it should not be require young people to do services for the government and community.

First, government or community service should not control 18-1 years old young adults life. Therefore, people have the right to choose their path of life. For instance, a boy, who is 1 years old had just graduated from high school, want to explore the world before going into college. He will not be able to do that if government and community service take the boys right away by commanding him to do one-year service. Where is the boys freedom of right? The boy should have freedom to choose his own path of life.

In additional, when high school student graduates, he or she has the right to choose what they would like to do for the rest of their life. For instance, people, who are under 1 years old, are still too young to understand the concept of reality. What is there for them to have time to absorb the reality if government makes them go into service for a year right after high school graduation? People will have many emotions because they have not absorbed the reality.

Moreover, the children, who are 18-1 years old, still lives with their parents. The children might not be ready to go out of their stable, comfortable, and safe zone home. For example, a boy lives with his parents until a government come and takes the boy out from his home just because government wants the boy to do his duty for the service. Family will have emotional roller coaster because they will worry about the boys life. What rights do the government and community have of taking the boy away from his family? Government and community have absolutely no reasons, because there is a freedom of right law, which protects the situation from happening.

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As a result, there should be a law banning for this to happen. Therefore, these are the three reasons why government or community services should not require people, who are 18-1 years old, to be taken away from their early adulthood, reality, and family. Government and community should let people, who are 18-1 years old, make their own decision if they want to help government and community by joining any type of services instead of commanding them.

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