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The setting in the story, Homeless Bird, takes place in different areas of India. Mainly, the setting took place in her husband’s home and in Vrindavan. One of the ways I found out about the changing of the settings were in these quotes, “Koly, you are thirteen and growing every day, its time for you to have a husband.” Another quote that told me that the setting was about to change was also in this quote, “We will stop at Vrindavan on our way to Delhi. It will be well for us to make a pilgrimage before beginning out new lives.” These quotes give me a lot of specific information of how much of Koly’s life is going to change.

The two main characters are Koly and Sass. The first main character, Koly, is a very strong and brave thirteen-year-old who had faced many dangers for such a young age. Her marriage was arranged so that her husband’s family can use the money to take her ill husband to the Ganges River. Since then, her life had never been the same. The second main character is Koly’s Sass, her husbands mother. Sass is a very strict, short tempered, and cold hearted woman, mainly around Koly. She was never satisfied with anything Koly did, even when she tried her best.

The main conflict of this story is that Koly’s husband, Hari is taken to the Ganges river because he became very, very ill. The doctors had found no cure for his disease, so his family had decided to take him to the Ganges River, using Koly’s wedding money, to be cured. After all the traveling, Hari is taken to the Ganges, but couldn’t take the pain anymore, and died. Koly was left a widow with her Sass and Sassur. Her Sassur teaches her how to read, but then sadly dies days later of depression and loneliness. She is then left with her strict Sass who takes her to Vrindavan and abandons her there. The Vrindavan was a city where many widows were left abandoned and uncared for.

The solution to Koly’s problem is that a rickshaw boy hears her cry for help and takes her to a house where many widows are cared for. A tall, bulky woman named Maa Kamala, took care of the widows and gave them a home. She is then given a huge opportunity by making a friend in her new home who works in a good job that needs more workers. The rickshaw boy, named Raji, visits her once and a while to see how she was doing. In her new job, she worked in sewing dresses and quilts for many young women. She earned good money and shared a new apartment with her friend Tanu. Koly and Raji had so much in common that he asked if she would marry him, but she would tell Raji, “In time”. She had then finally decided that it was time for Raji and her to be together while reading a poem in her Sassur’s book of a homeless bird, flying at last to it’s home.

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In this book, Koly taught me to be a brave person and to never lose faith in myself. She also taught me to be grateful for what I have and to not take anything for granted. I also learned that “What goes around, comes around”.

I would recommend this book, ”Homeless Bird” to anyone who likes reading books of tragedy, love, tradition, and empathy. Homeless Bird is a very well written book and has Hindi words that you can learn in the last four pages. This is a great scholastic book.

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