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John Stuart Mill’s Autobiography, chapter five, is an analysis of Mill‘s depression. The chapter describes what he did to get in and out of depression and his experiences during depression. Mill claims that his analytical education and the conception of himself is the reason behind his depression. But I believe you must look at his childhood to understand his dejection.

Mill’s education began at age three. He was reading Plato and other Greek writings before age ten. Mill would spend evenings with his father learning arithmetic. John’s father pushed Mill to learn more and more. This type of mental stress on a young adult no older than the age 1 could without a doubt have adverse effects on the person’s future mental health. I believe the abnormal relationship Mill and his sister had also caused mental damage to Mill. Instead of playing and fighting with his sister, Mill had to teach his sister Latin and was held accountable for her mistakes. Mill’s childhood was a definite trigger for his adulthood depression, but this is not the only reason.

Mill was very personally involved with readings. He tried relating his life to what he read. He looked to education and analysis for answers. He analyzed everything he read and learned. Mill spent his childhood studying and learning and that’s it. He never described any social events or social experiences with peers during his childhood. I believe Mill was in depression for most of his life, but it was not until he read Bentham and started at the Westminster Review he realized that he was really depressed.

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While in great dejection he sought relief from his books and studies. These were no help to him. I believe it was not having experiences other than learning and education that drove Mill into depression. Mill considered going to his father for aid, but couldn’t. Mill was stuck with nothing but himself and I believe this is what helped him out of depression.

There are times in everyone’s life where you search for the answer and you absolutely cannot find it. You try and do everything and yet in the end it turns out to be right in front of you. This happened to Mill. Mill had everything inside him that he needed to get out of depression, he just needed some guidance to help him out. I believe Mill realized this when he said, “left stranded at the commencement of my voyage, with a well-equipped ship and a rudder, but no sail.” Mill finds his sail in Marmontel’s “Memoires”. It was a certain passage from “Memoires” about the death of Marmontel’s father that caught Mill’s attention. It was about how Marmontel found sudden inspiration to help his family overcome the tragedy of his father’s death. This passage brought light back into Mill’s life and for good reason.

I believe Marmontel’s passage showed Mill he had it in himself to get out of depression. Marmontel found inspiration in himself and that’s what Mill did even though it was subconsciously. Mill makes it seem as if “Memoires” was the reason he overcame depression, but that would make “Memoires” his “well equipped ship and rudder” not his sail. “Memoires” was simply Mill’s sail. It showed him that learning and education do not always have the answers. Sometimes you have to look to other things in life such as social events and playing with your peers.

Mill came out of depression and never felt that depressed or miserable ever again. Mill’s main point was his depression and how he dealt with it. But I believe he tells us much more than that. Mill shows us that answers to problems do not always lie in books or other people, such as his father, but lie in yourself and things you do. He really brings across the point that people need to be well-rounded through having experienced poetry, art, music, and a ride range of emotions in order to achieve happiness.

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