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The Kiss; Auguste Rodin; IMPRESSIONISM; France; featured in ARTFORMS

The Kiss; Constanine Brancusi; ABSTRACTION; France; featured in ARTFORMS

When comparing the two sculptures titled The Kiss, there are many differences. Though both portray an intimate embrace, Rodins’ sculpture portrays a moment of intense passion, as though to show the exact moment two people become overcome with emotion. The couple are just beginning to embrace, are barely touching each other. They are shown in intense detail, each obviously their ‘own person’. But Brancusis’ sculpture shows a more total and deep embrace. Perhaps the way two people would hold each other that had been together for a long time, shared may hardships and joys. They are holding each other as tightly and completely as any couple could, their bodies touching so closely it’s hard to distinguish where one ends and another begins.


At first glance, many differences in the two sculptures appear, but at closer inspection, they also have so many similarities. They were both created by French artists to portray an idea of love and passion, and within just a few short years of one another. The sculptures both share the same name as well. Both are statues made of stone, though different kinds of were used. Both portray a man and a woman voluntarily embracing, sharing a kiss. Rodins’ statue shows so much detail, and Brancusis’ shows so little, yet you get much the same emotion from them both.

A kiss.. love.. passion.... Though the same words, they can carry so many different ideas and meanings to so many different people.

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