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He was a great man. I like girls. They are nice to look at. Poje likes girls also. Sometimes he gets some. Most of the times he doesnt. Jerry get none. Not even the ugliest of girls. I have a ant named marty. He crawls around all day. Eating my scraps. MLK was a good man. A very good man. A man that stood for something. Something very good. We even have a holiday for him. Yet all we do on that hoilday is sleep. Because sleep is essential. Plus he said free at last so i guess we are only free in our sleep so i guess thats why we sleep. And when we go fishing it is fun. We catch Bass. Big fish. They swim and breath through their hip flexors. Poje like to spend money.. He doesnt know how to save. He will live in a very luxourious BOX. Not just any box but a water proof box. Outside of a Walmart so he doesnt have to have a car to get clothes and food. Dr. Kirkpatrick likes to hit on the students. She commented on my ass once. Yet i have no ass. I felt uncumfortable.. Kinda like she was looking at my butt instead of my face. Yet i was loooking at her face. Cause she is old. Very old.wegnwrgb fviuwrnbviugrn verfuivngfun dufh diofm asd lodvnj ;/osdc juhdv did dehjusd djic deiode and fdrgug[p kisgh ass klsdf las veghas lsd hfg psdy sdvgflo asdcfju ldf,k j sidcv ewswd l;kgf sdiuvb opdfbvmb dopfdfv ;xdfu l;sdfvb djkb ;sfduvn if this works im going to poop my pants. efverio wfdn dffn. we once had this professor he wore the same shirt everyday. we also has this professor that screwed a bunch of college girls. lucky joe. it would be nice to find a sane girl instead of all the ones with mental problems.

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