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Remembering September 11

September 11 was not just any ordinary day. Our country’s freedom was taken away. That day we were in shock, disbelief and petrified of what may come. Americans feared for their lives and lived each day to the fullest. It brought people closer to their families and as dreadful was that day it inevitably brought our country closer together. Strangers talked to each other and help each other out and it forever enhanced our country’s patriotism. With the remembrance of the survivors and lost loved ones, many ceremonies were dedicated to the fallen ones on that fateful day.

One of the many ceremonies that were held on the two-year anniversary of the attacks was held in Washington D.C… The President of the United States was in attendance as well as his wife and other notable political figures. A moment of silence was held at 846 a.m. EDT, the time of the first plane crash. Bush spoke after the church service he attended and stressed the importance of family. He also mentioned the word “remember” a lot. Here is an example Today our nation remembers. We remember a sad and terrible day, September 11, 001. We remember lives lost. We remember the heroic deeds. We remember the compassion and the decency of our fellow citizens on that terrible day. Not only does he emphasize the word remember but the word “we”. These are examples of repetitions and it clearly shows what point Bush wants to get across. Throughout the article, you can also find examples of strands. For instance, when he is talking about family he mentions all family members. He says, “We pray for the husbands and wives and moms and dads and sons and daughters and loved ones of those who still grieve and hurt.”

The binaries that I was able to find in Bush’s speech were when he was talking about strength, grieving, wisdom, and hurting. I see them as changing and unchanging binaries. I believe that the writer’s most significant writing pattern is repetition. A few key words that he highlights and it is obvious that he is trying to set a poignant mood. It appears that he is trying to get the reader to feel what was going on during Bush’s speech and the somber disposition that people were in that day. He is also letting people know that September 11 is a day not to forget and that we should not forget that day and to stay close to our families. I strongly believe that he chose this writing pattern because repetition forces people to remember things. When you stress words, you tend to retain that information and realize what is important in the article. This article was presented to a group of people who were affected by the attacks of September 11. It can be aimed at the family members of the victims or American families as a whole. In another words, the people of America.

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