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I saw Barbara Ehrenreich as being a positive speaker who had her ups and down as she was growing up. One of the things she mentions was her opinion on under age drinking. She felt like college students are the ones who get targeted the most when it comes to drinking she felt like it shouldn’t be no legal age on drinking and that she didn’t see any problems with it. Than she talks about how hard it was for single parents on welfare to make it in the society with vary low income. She felt like if the CEO married single women in the lower and middle class that the women would not have it so bad on making a living. But women usually married men in the same class as them.

Barbara Ehrenreich talks about how hard it was for her growing up and also some of the things went through. She talks about her job as being and house keeper and how she thought the job was going to be easy until she actually start working. She mentions how much work they had to do for only seven dollars and something. She said that the people she was working for was paying the company twenty five dollars and hour but the company what take majority of it an only pay them seven something. She felt bad because the people she was cleaning for never even bother to ask how much they where getting paid, so toward the end of the show she said for those who have house keepers should just clean their house there self. She also mentions her job at Wal-mart and how stressful she thought that was. For the simple fact, people would come in their in just trash her department and she would have to organize it. Than she talks how they would not pay you for overtime they would always try to get over on you by telling you to clock out and than ask you to do more work. Than she gave her opinion about the different drug test and also personality test that many work places require you to take. She felt like what ever she did was her business and no one else so she was against that drug rule to.

I found Barbara Ehrenreich to be a person who knows how it feels to struggle in the world but she knows that this world can be a better place when it comes to making a better living. I agree on everything she talk about for the simple fact, that my family was once a victim of welfare. I mean if more people thought like her this world would be a better place than what it is now. But she shoed us that don’t nothing come easy in this world especially money. I would recommend that everyone should go and purchase the book Nickel and Dime for the simple fact a lot of people can relate to everything she is talking about it.


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