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ʑPat Roxborough

Almost two years ago in 001, Cecil Archibald Baugh called the Edna

Manley Art School inKingston Jamaica.

And years from now, if the story is told properly, that call will be


remembered as one of the most important that the year-old internationally-

acclaimed master potter made to the institution which he co-founded in the


For Baugh will make arrangements to handover his prized book collection

which includes the works of Bernard Howell Leach, the British ceramist with

whom he studied in 148 while on a British Council Scholarship in the

United Kingdom; Sojhi Hamada, the celebrated Japanese potter and George

Wingfield Digby.

“I can think of no other reliable place with which to leave these books,” he

told Sunday last week.

There are lots of others of course- Baugh went worldwide in his quest for

excellence - however Leach, Hamada and Digby (all deceased) stand out in

the potter’s memory, which when teased delivers a number of historic gems

worthy of celebration.

Point an enquiring finger at a photograph of Baugh standing erect in a

fabulous blue business suit - the only black among a group of equally

distinguished-looking men.

You’ll instantly be rewarded with a brilliant smile and a lot of interesting


“That’s me, the only black man present at the launch of the Leach Legacy at

the Tate Gallery, St Ives,” he’ll say.

Located in SouthWest England, the Tate St Ives which manages the work of

artist Barbara Hepworth was opened in 1.It boast an impressive collection

of modern and contemporary art including works by Baugh’s idols Leach and


It’s a great source of pride to him - Leach is to pottery and ceramics, what

Bob Marley is to Reggae Music - and the perfect launching pad for the story

of his growth from a humble “Yabba Man” to the master artist who, among

other achievements, was commissioned to make a bowl for Queen Elizabeth

11 by the government in 15.

Born on November , 108, in Bangor Ridge, Portland to Isaac Baugh and

Emma Cobran - Baugh, he was educated at the Bangor Ridge All Age Scool

before getting seriously into the art of pottery which he began to learn at age

17 as an assistant to two women who earned their living making pots using

traditional pottery techniques.

After a while he began to make water storage jars, bowls and a variety of

other items for domestic use.

By the time he was 8, he had established his own pottery in Montego Bay.

It was the perfect background for the success he was later to enjoy as a tutor

at the Edna Manley Art school for 4 years, and the recipient of several

awards including the Norman Manley Award for Excellence in 177; the

184 Kaiser Bauxite award for the development of the Egyptian blue haze in

Jamaica and the 184 Gold Musgrave award.

He’ the maker of the largest ceramic mural at the Bank of Jamaica and his

name has been indelibly set down at the National Gallery of Jamaica which

has named one of its halls the Baugh Ceramic Gallery.

Now he’s set to enjoy even more recognition - the New York Art Gallery

wants to buy one of his pots- and several other art lovers are scrambling to

own “ a Baugh”.

The need to scramble is understandable for at (he turns in a few weeks)

Baugh himself is acknowleding that his pottery making days are almost over.

“I’ve had enough. I’ve done my three score and ten. I still put a finger in now

and then because you never really finish. You can’t just stop like that.You

have to keep your finger in it until you say ‘Amen’. But I have reached the

end, that’s why I’m passing on the books,” he said.

At least one of them won’t go to the art school though.

Angella Brown, one of his students will be the recipient of one of his

favourite books, Digby’s 15 publication, “ The Work of the Modern

Potter in England”.

“This is a very important book. Few people have it. It’s for Angella, my

student,” he said.

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