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Dictionaries define money as the mean of exchange between individuals. In today’s economy, this is too simple of a definition. The fundamental purpose of money is a way to distribute the ownership in the society; but if money was analyzed the way that it works, it will be understood as a tool to help exchange. France, for example, is a country where money has a monopoly in term of exchange so people can hardly imagine what would happen in a world without money.

As interesting as it is to have a look in a society where money doesn’t exist, it’s even more interesting to look at one that does. People usually give with the expectation that the receiver will give them something back. This system has the advantage to be simple and not so much accounting is involved when working with a society of people with common values and understandings. Although this system is based on trust, the problem is that not many people are decent enough to actually give that something back in return, which is where business comes in.

Although money is my personal foe, it plays a major role in the world of business. In business, it is necessary to invest a good share of the earnings back into the business so that it remains healthy and generative over time. Building a business according to Peter Bernstein “whose primary objective is to make money but at the same time be so successful to grow.”CNN’s money coach, Steve Rhode believes that helping people throughout those tough times is a good thing because he himself lived through money problems. He knows the pain, stress, fear and uncertainty that people feel when they are facing financial troubles. He has offered to help gain that knowledge, and wants to make sure of it because he claims that he was once where those people are now.

Steve Rhode is one of thousands of people trying to help those with financial problems from just mismanagement to business failures.

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In his view, “The path to happiness and wealth gives a new approach to dealing with money troubles that will set people free” (Steve Rhode)

Religion also plays a major role in the world of business. The general view in society is that business and religion are two separate worlds. “Perhaps it has something to do with Christian notions about poverty as a virtue and monastic models of withdrawal from the material world. Perhaps it has something to do with notions of body (bad) and soul (good).” (Unknown). How many times have I been told how different it is in the “real world’! Be that

as it may, business and religion lie at the very heart of the troubles of today’s world.

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