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Crystal Creek Ranch

My favorite place to be on earth would have to be at Bulloch’s Ranch at Crystal Creek on Cedar Mountain, with the lustrous mountain view and the green sea of grass waving gently under the pastel sunset. Being able to watch the sun come up and always knowing that there is work to be done.

Crystal Creek Ranch is filled with slick glazed ponds and marshes. There never seems to be a dull moment whether it is putting up the old worn down fence to keep the animals in, jumping on the four-wheelers to change the irrigation water, grading the dirt road, narrowing and winding, or heading up the creek a couple of miles to enjoy the mist of the waterfall. This place is like heaven.

My Grandpa Matt and his brother Scott own the Ranch. When they went into ranching they purchased this great place for family enjoyment along with the summer range for the animals.


After the winter calving, the cattle and horses are hauled to the mountain for summer grazing. This process is not nearly as fun and entertaining as the fall gather. When the cows separate themselves and run wild all summer and the family and friends spend approximately a week playing cowboys.

I find the most enjoyment with the horses, watching a young mare, and her colt lie in the meadow.


Being new to these fields, the colt keeps to herself a lot, she’s not used to the other horses. The other horses are off in the distance, galloping about. The young colt was impressed with their great sturdy speed. Thirsty, the colt stood up and walked slowly to the pond near the cabin. Approaching the water, she could hear the toads croaking. The cool, fresh water was soothing, and she drank plenty. Just then another horse trotted over and began to drink. She stepped back a little and stared at him. His brown coat was shiny, and his mane wild, as the front swept into his face. From his reflection in the water she could see the white marking on his face. She had never seen anything like this before. He slowly pulled his head up from the water. She stepped back again, unsure of what he would do.

Suddenly the hard thump of the other horses running to the pond could be heard. She ran back out to the field, frightened by their sudden approach. She watched the water splash all about, as the horses surged down into the pond to cool off. They brought the water to life as they splashed about.

I enjoy spending time with my father at Crystal Creek. It is a great place. He has taught me to work hard and play hard. He makes the mountain trips fun.

The beauty of the sun fading and the day coming to an end; lying on my back in the cool grass or on a mattress in the back of the pick-up truck under the beautiful blanket of the night watching the crystal stars littering the sky. Being tired from the hot day, I close my eyes and let the wind whisper me to sleep, to dream of the profound impression this mountain has had on me.

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