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Every one who is born in this complex world has to die. Death is an everlasting truth. Death is part of ones life. Life and death are like two sides of a coin. Death has a different meaning for every individual and different culture. Actually death is hard term to define.

What is the meaning of death? As far as my thinking is concerned death has two phases. One is physical and another is spiritual. Generally if some one is dead it means that the spirit of that particular person has left the body. If you are to bury or burn dead person’s body there is no physical presence of the person with you. Since you do not have the body around you, he or she is dead for you. Now the question is that is physical appearance is everything? No If you believe in spirits and souls. Now my belief is that soul never dies. The soul of the person you love is always around you. My thinking is that they become angels and take care for you.

Everyone including me does not want to die. We all want to enjoy the beautiful life given by the most honored power. But death is unavoidable and necessary. I know it is really hard to accept this ultimate fact. Again death can be of two types, it can be painful or it can be quiet. People who fears death are afraid of the painful death. It is the kind of death makes you face the reality.

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Death is unavoidable for any religion; but there are different stories and tales of life after death in every religion. In my religion it is believed that god keeps account every single deed that person does in his whole life and when you die, he counts the balance. If you have done more bad deeds that means you are in debt, and you are going in hell. And if you do good deeds like helping people, helping needy than you have good credit in your account and you enter the heaven, It means free from the bondage of life.

It is very hard to come on decision that is death good or bad because death is end of everything, and thinking from other side it is even starting of new everything. When person dies the spirit is still out there, which enters into new body and than life cycle starts again. So according to me, if you like life you will definitely love death.

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