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How the group organised to develop the business plan 4

The decision-making techniques used 5

Actions taken to overcome difficulties and conflicts 6

My role and responsibilities 7

The team membership skills I used or developed 8

How I might do things differently/better next time

Conclusion 10




This is the individual management report for the module business plan implementation (BUSN011). This report requires me to appraise my performance and development as a result of this module. It will deal with behavioural issues and also my use of decision-making techniques that I have learnt on this course.

The report will cover the group and my personal performance during this module and whether or not I achieved my tasks and goals. The report will also mentioned organisation and the structure of the group, team membership skills, the roles in the team and responsabities taken, the handling of conflict within the group, time management and self organisation, use of power and influence and how the group dealt with difficulties and problems.

There will be six main subjects for this report they will be

1. How the group organised to develop the business plan

. The decision making techniques used

. Actions taken to overcome difficulties and conflicts

4. My role and responsibilities

5. The team membership skills I used or developed

6. How I might do things differently/better next time

How the group organised to develop the business plan

On the very first day on this module we were separated into different tutorial groups. The first job in this tutorial was to organize our selves into groups to work on the business plan.

I knew people in the class so I decided that I would go into a group with them. My team for this module consisted of 4 people. These people are all doing the same degree course as me so we all had similar knowledge.

The first task that we were faced was decided what sort of business we were going to do for the business plan. We all discussed this for an hour and came with our decision, which we all voted on, and it was a unanimous decision. We had to try and separate the business plan jobs into departments.

The problem that faced us here was that the three out the four members were all studying the same subjects at university and therefore it was hard to separate. The accounting part was easy because we had an accounting student. I decided to do the marketing side of the business plan because I have had more marketing experience than every one else. The other two members just tried to do what they could for the other areas of the business. This plan to separate the business plan into departments was relatively successful because everyone knew what they had to do.

The group had a weekly meeting to discuss the tasks that had to be done and any issues or problem that we had. This meeting lasted about an hour each week and it gave us a chance to sort out the problems. At the end of the meeting each week we established what we had to get done for the next meeting, by doing this it meant that we didn’t fall behind time.

By separating the business plan into sections and by having set tasks each week it meant that the business plan production was equal through all areas and the result was the achievement of tasks and goals were met.

The decision-making techniques used

My group had to make a numerous of decisions throughout the duration of the module. These decisions shaped the direction and the quality of the business plan.

There are a number of different decision making techniques that have been designed by experts throughout the years, all of which are good techniques to use for team working. Any of these techniques can be used in order for a group to make decisions.

In my group we never used any of theses techniques that have been designed, instead we just used our common sense when making decisions. On every occasion when any decision had to be made we would put it to a vote to find out the opinions of everyone before we made a decision.

If we reached a majority then that would be our decision. This policy started at the very beginning. When we had to decide on what business we were going to do we all made suggestions and then talked about each. We then voted on the one that was the best and ever since then that has been our decision-making policy for this module.

This policy worked for us on this occasion but at times I felt that we badly needed someone to take on the leadership role and make some decisions based on persuasion.

Actions taken to overcome difficulties and conflicts

During the period of this business plan module we as a group had some difficulties and minor conflicts on the way.

At the start we had a few problems with leadership issues with people fighting to try and take control, which eventually got sorted out. The result being that we didn’t have a clear leader and it became more of a partnership. The problems at the start were just natural group development problems and we knew that it wasn’t going to be serious.

When a member of the group expressed difficulties we all tried to help that person out by giving them advise and opinions on the subject.

We as a group haven’t really had any major conflicts so this section is hard to comment on however we have had minor conflicts over tasks being on time and confusions over meeting times.

There are five main conflict management strategies that have been identified. These strategies are forcing, avoiding compromising, accommodating and collaborating. I feel that every member of the team has been using the same conflict management approach and that has been an accommodating approach. The aim of this approach is not to upset the other people and it aims to maintain harmonious relationships.

I believe that because all team members have been using the same approach this has meant that the conflict problems have been kept to a minimum.

Having no conflict isn’t always a good thing and a certain degree of conflict can lead to good decisions being made between parties. So I feel that I should have encouraged some conflict as this might have produced more ideas if I had done.

My role and responsibilities

As I said before my role was to concentrate on the marketing side of the business plan. My responsibilities were to ensure that the marketing side was complete and ask other group members if they had any ideas and opinions for this. In my group there wasn’t a clear leader in our team and it was an equal partnership between all members.

My role in this team was purely a team member, I hardly showed any signs of leadership throughout, instead I let other people do so, and the problem was that no one did. I sat my own goals for this project throughout; I did what I said I would do which was the same as every other member.

I did play a few key roles within the team however; I feel these roles that I played helped us to complete the project. There are two main types of roles that exist that enhance team performance task facilitating roles and relationship building roles. (Shein, 176). On the task facilitating role I believe I played the information giving and reality testing roles in the group. For the information giving role this means that I constantly supplied the group with relevant data for the project and the reality testing role meant that I asked the questions if someone cam up with a new suggestion.

For the relation-building role I believe that I mainly played the harmonizing and consensus building roles. For the harmonizing role this means that I tried to mediate on differences amongst the group and for the consensus-building role I tried to help build solidarity amongst the team members.

The other members of my team played other roles, which helped us perform and achieve the results. The only main problem was that no one really played the leader role and that meant that we had a few problems getting motivated sometimes.

The team membership skills I used or developed

During this year at university I had to do a personal development plan on the area of teamwork for case studies in business module. To assess what my strengths and weaknesses were I completed an assessment designed by Belbin, which examines the roles that a person has when working in a team. The scores I got for this questionnaire are as follows. For the 18 points for company worker, 0 for Chairman, 10 for shaper, 6 for plant, 8 for resource investigator, for monitor evaluator, for team worker and finally 0 for completer finisher.

This questionnaire says that I am a good team player and a company worker. This suggests that I am the ideal person to have in a team as I have an ability to respond to people and situations, and to promote team spirit. It also says that I have an organizing ability, practical common sense, hard working and self-disciplined.

These are the skills and qualities that I usually bring to every team that I am involved in but for some reason for which I can explain I feel that I have let myself down slightly on this occasion as I haven’t really shown these qualities all the time.

I have been inconsistent in my performance because some weeks I have done more than others. I have worked hard to get the information needed and one occasion I have motivated the team to work harder. I feel however that I could have worked harder to create a good team spirit and been far more disciplined and demanded more from other team members.

How I might do things differently/better next time

Having completed this individual management report it has become clearer to me about what I have to do differently if I am in a similar situation again. If I had to do this module again I know what I would do to make it better for me and produce a better all round business plan,

Firstly I would spend time together as a team. The one hour a week that we spent together wasn’t enough. The more time that together as a group would mean that the report would come together easier as everyone knows what we are doing. It would also mean that no one would have problems as they could be discussed and sorted out as a team.

I feel I should express my thoughts and feelings more instead of sometimes taking a back seat and letting others take control as sometime I feel that we are going nowhere and I know I could have directed us back on track when we lose our way. I always should have tried to create a slight degree of conflict, as this can be a good way of creating new ideas.

I have to improve my time management skills because the work could have been better and have been done in less time if I planned my work better. It would be less stressful to finish earlier as you wouldn’t be competed with other university deadlines.

I could have also helped other members out more when they have problems. I sat back too much instead of taking charge when the group needed someone to do so. I will have to improve my leadership skills for the future. This involves motivation because there were times when our team really needed someone to motivate them and I wish I had been that person.


This has been an individual management report on my performance on the business plan implementation module. The report covered the main issues of my own and team performance. These issues were how the group organised to develop the business plan, the decision making techniques used, Actions taken to overcome difficulties and conflicts, my role and responsibilities, the team membership skills I used or developed

And finally how I might do things differently/better next time

It has been a reasonably successful experience during this module however there are plenty of areas that I will have to improve on in the future.

I will finish of this report by listing what I feel are my strengths and weaknesses in group work and my performance in this module.


· Self disciplined

· Punctual and I always complete a task being asked of me

· Ability to encourage team spirit

· I am a mediator when problems occur


· Lack of leadership/motivational skills

· Slight problem with time management (wait to the last minute)

· I take the back seat too much and should make more suggestions

· More consistent in group work performance

These are the main strengths and weaknesses that I have identified in context with my group work in this module. I feel I have skills that I haven’t shown here and that’s the reason why I have not identified them in this report.

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