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Avalos Finance Ltd.

101 Financial District, Suite 10, New York, NY 1001

Phone (1) 555-11 Fax (1) 555-1


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September , 00

To Rosa Avalos, Senior Vice President of Analyst Division

From John Doe, Senior Manager

Subject College Graduate Recruitment

Avalos Finance Ltd. is steadily becoming an emerging financial services firm in the New York area. In order to ensure AFL is at the same level of the competing firms, proper action must be taken.

College graduates are key to what Avalos Finance Ltd. needs to improve the morale of the company. The company’s mission statement states, “Associates exemplify the highest degree of integrity and professionalism and are dedicated to originating and servicing the quality of finance investments for our clients.” College graduates are the most ideal in fulfilling the mission statement. New graduates have fresher knowledge of what it takes to run a business firm through business courses. Selecting graduates from the top universities in the nation ensures hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm in their careers. Although the Houston Chronicle article indicates that visits to campus career fairs have “fallen dramatically,” the article does not say that students have declined in quality. The article is free from reasons on graduates’ negative impact to companies. Selecting only the top notch graduates eliminates the over-hiring of graduates who cannot contribute to AFL’s growth and independence. The current retention rate of college graduates, ten years or longer has increased to 50%. Last decade there was only a 0% ten year retention rate.

The current economic situation calls for current salary cuts. Recent graduates are not affected by this issue. For most graduates, the first transition to the working world is their post-college job. Any secure source of income for these graduates is beneficial to their personal expenses and necessities. Avalos Finance Ltd. also offers great benefits that college graduates need. Plans such as 401K and Health Insurance stabilize their future, and commit them to our company. We must get newly hired graduates to enroll in company benefits will prevent the risk of losing these graduates to bigger companies. The current vacancies in the department are entry-level positions. They do not require in-depth knowledge or experience as those of department managers. These college graduates hold the future of the company. They will uphold the mission statement of holding integrity to the highest degrees.

College graduates have incredible potential for Avalos Finance Ltd. Many universities have already held fall business career fairs. Companies from all around the nation have already collected hundreds of resumes from students. The recruiting process is long and takes time to pick the best candidates for company vacancies. You must act now in recruiting current seniors before the rest of the companies reach them first. Soon Avalos Finance, Ltd. will lose its image of being an equal opportunity employer. These graduates are what AFL needs, and we are what graduates need. The benefits are equal for both parties. Please place AFL’s mission statement in precedence above all.

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