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poverty in america has become a problem.

we need to do something about it. Too much looting is going on here. can you help us become what we have meant to become. Why our we not trying to become better than we are. America knows thst we can become the nation that people hear about, of cours that is not what we are . We are a nation full of playboys and workers how can we live up to our name if we cant evne come together as a united nation that will become a united state. A united state of mind, a family not to be torn apart by little thing s likes money, greed, corruption in our government. We need to take a stand and make america what it is suppose to be. Not what are making it. In london they are far more advanced than we are ,they have better technology. HEY doesn,t anybody see whats going on here we are suppose to be the best country according to contrary belief, then why dont we have the better technology firt , America the dream why dont we have the best of the best. That is what we deserve dont you think so....

Becuase I as an american citizen surely enough I think so I thimk we need the best of everything. If We could get rid of all the people that dont want to work that Dont want to get up and do something with their lives we need to let them have their own country and name it lazy land dont you think because I think so. PRIDE- The self assurance of ones cofidence. do we as american have pride because it doesnt seem loke it e.g look at the street in New York City they our filthy . Yet it is one of the greatest city in the world representing who...? You guessed it us the united states of america. when will we live up to our name?


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