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The silence was like a gentile snow flake, soft and hushed, as quiet as the passage of a star. This silence was engulfing her. She lay there, all alone. She had been staring at the long, deep still healing scar on her hand for what seemed an eternity. It was a souvenir from that accidentent she had been involved in a few days before. And for the millionth time she drifted herself to that night...

Hannah had just waved bye to her parents as she climbed her motorcycle and started her way to her friends house to watch a film. On her way she noticed alot of confusion in the streets, it looked like every driver owned the street for himself, not caring about the others. She tried to stay alert to avoid any danger. She saw a white car, behind her motor, overtaking the one infront of it. But another car popped out of nowhere. She tightly shut her eyes, the rest is still unknown. The next thing she knew was that she was in that hospital room.

Both her legs and her hip-bone were broken. She had already performed an operation to join her hip bone with ametal joint. She was still under observation and still her legs needed time to heal while they were in claster. On the rest of her body there where several scares.

She lay there, looking around at the ugly brick building from the other century. Its walls held the sweet strench of old age, sickness and death, which proved it was a hospital. From time to time the silence was broken by the sounds of the city stirring into her mind.


She heard a white voice, a pure manly voice from the corridor outside. She looked towards the door and saw him pepping his head in Ah! Youre awake today!, he said stepping inside the room.He had a cross on his left of his which showed that he was a priest. Im father Harry, he annonced shaking his hand with Hannah. He had a mane of white hair, a large and bulbous nose, high and sloping forehead and a grin chin. he worn a pair of horn rimmed glasses with his cherubic smile which considering everything, gave him a friendly countenance. Im hannah.she said dryly. The father began talking about religious believes but he felt that he was conducting a one sided conversation because there was a cold rejection from Hannahs side.

Time went by and Father Harry made daily visits to Hannah. Little by little Hannah began to look forward for his visits. She enjoyed basking in the warm glow of his words, it felt like the light he emitted would spill into her darkness giving her new reasons to live. And still time went by and her legs healed, and she began therapy to start walking again dedicating her pain and effort to God.

To thank God for the grace of walking again Hannah decided to dedicate five years of her life as a missioner in poor countries. Two years later she began to ride the motor again, this time for charity purposes.

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