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Why paint when you own a camera?

Indeed, a camera gives a more accurate representation than even the greatest portrait or landscape artist ever could. In that respect a camera can record immediately memorable moments or accurate images. These could be a child’s first steps, a match winning goal or simply a passport photo.

Another reason why photographs can be preferable to paintings is that paintings take hours of thought and careful brush stroke whereas photos need only a quick snap and 1-hour processing at Boots. In this respect a camera can produce works of fine art or serve purely a functional purpose.

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Photographers can argue their work is an art as it is possible for them to create mood in there photographs by carefully choosing subject, lighting and camera angles. Certain photographs are now beginning to be recognised as fine art with museums having major exhibitions of the artist’s work.

Famous photographers such as David Bailey have elevated the simple task of photography into an art form. In this photograph of the notorious east end family ‘The Krays’ Bailey captures their intense menace.

Cameras may give you an accurate record of a given moment but may not give you the full picture. Picassos Guernica depicts mood and emotions of that aspect of the Spanish civil war better than any photograph ever could.

Guernica was a small Basque town in northern Spain which was almost totally destroyed by bombing in 17 during the Spanish civil war. In this picture Picasso has painted pieces of human bodies with, screaming open mouth and despairing gestures all of these convey his feelings of horror at the terrible evils of war.

Painting adds an extra dimension to an artist’s work as they can impart their own feelings onto the canvas, emphazing things that matter to them and adding a personal touch. Claude Monet is a prime example of this being the ‘famous grand old man of impressionism’. He often painted the same subject matter in many different weather conditions and seasons. The picture below is one of Monet’s most famous works. It is one of a series of wonderful paintings he did of water-lilies in his garden. It has far greater impact to the viewer than a mere snap shot.


In answer to the question you don’t have to paint to create a piece of art. However photography is just one art form. Painting can convey many deeper emotions and even give a clearer perspective than a simple reproduced image. Whilst photography is two dimensional a painting can have greater depth and allow for imagination and creativity.

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