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A woman that is treated unjustly seeks revenge on her cheating husband. This would seem to be another clear-cut case of divorce court. Wrong Medea was anything but your ordinary woman and her husband was actually a man of great prowess or so it is said of him in the books about Jason of the Argonauts. Thus it would make one think that a production of this twist of the age old problem of infidelity would be one of the best ever, however based on the actors, setting, and overall quality of the costumes the production actually leaves a lot to be desired.

The first thing that you notice is that the casting for this play is all wrong. Medea, for instance, is supposed to be in a far off land and of a darker skin than her oppressors. Yet it is very hard to tell her from the people who actually inhabit this foreign land. This led me to believe that whoever was doing the casting obviously misinterpreted the book because all I saw was a white woman with a tan.

The next thing that was quite disturbing was the setting of the play. While I must commend them on capturing the essence of the book in that it was designed so that only one setting should be used. The design of that particular setting in this version was all wrong. I understand that there should have been a lot of open area but I do not feel that the space was used properly. In the book there was a scene where they were in the garden but in the production it was very hard to distinguish that area. Also the final scene where Medea ascended into the heavens was none the likes of its counterpart. It was uneventful and made you feel as if there were more scenes to come.

Last but certainly not least the shabby costumes. This in my opinion was the worst part of the play. I felt as if they had gone to the thrift store and just picked up something that day. These people were supposed to be noble and had servants yet it seemed as though it was the other way around. To me it seemed as though the nurse and the butler were dressed better than the nobles. Even Jason’s helmet looked as though it was given away at a bad costume party.

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All these things being said I believe that this overall production of Medea could not compare to it’s wonderfully written counterpart. It was not even close to the ideals that were displayed in the written version and it should be produced again by someone with the know how to capture the brilliance of the play.

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