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In the three statements in this assignment, Bruce Cole’s statement gives more of

an autobiographical approach to Picasso’s works. He went to art school in Spain, and received early and easy success in traditional academic style. It wasn’t until 10, when he moved to France, when he started to evolve into a revolutionary painter. Cole does not actually mention the art of “Cubism” but, describes his form in other ways. He quotes Picasso “Any form which conveys to us the sense of reality is the one which is furthest removed from the reality of the retina; the eyes of the artist are open to a superior reality; his works are revocations.”

He also describes Picassos’ painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” (107) one of the paintings that “…moved decidedly away from the traditional modes of representation that had formed the mainstay of Western art since the Renaissance.” Cole focuses more on the irregular shapes and vivid colors that Picasso uses for his abstract interpretations.

Robert Rosenblum’s analysis focused more on the actual form of Cubism. Rosenblum writes “Cubism proposed that the work of art was itself a reality that represented the very process by which nature is transformed into art”. Rosenblum is describing Cubism as “artistic language of international ambiguity”. There is no absolute value of any shape. Any shape could be transformed or be a metaphor for something else.

Picasso describes Cubism as “…an art dealing primarily with forms, and when a form is realized it is there to live its own life. I believe he wants everybody to take there own interpretation out of each painting. He wants us to keep “our eyes open to our surroundings, and also our brains.” He wants everybody to have there own “joy of discovery” in each painting. You don’t have to see what everybody else sees. The reason why he was such a revolutionary, is because he changed the way we look at art. He didn’t want his works to be an absolute interpretation. He wanted to challenge people, to make people open up and experience new ideas and concepts. It’s ok to have your own ideas and thoughts, that’s the whole excitement of art.

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