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Yes, I feel better…

Each of us has a dream. I have dreams. Lots of them. There are those sporadic, ephemeral moments when I dream of anything in the world. Speediest bikes, fastest PCs, match winning centuries, top jobs at MNCs, a developed India, Oscar nights, rock shows…it never seems to end. And then, I hear a voice from within to stop.

There is a huge part of me that wants me to stop. It is scared and has no idea where to head from here. What I have done so far? What I want to be? What are my goals?

But there is another part of me. It is not scared. It is excited by the prospects of life ahead. It can clearly see the goals I aspire to achieve. It is eager to venture forth. Eager to contribute to society. And I can hear it whispering in my ears.

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Is it MBA? I heard that, right? Me, a manager? An entrepreneur? Was all this so easy, so simple? Sorry, no. I realize, it is not simple. Then why MBA? Is it because of a glamorous career, high salaries, corporate jobs in MNCs, foreign postings? No, it is not that. Or not only that.

I feel, today, along with corporate sector, top quality management is equally required in institutional sector, health sector, educational sector, etc. These are the ones increasingly lacking top quality managers. Good management in these sectors is one of the conditions for developed India and I am ready to be a part of that. Yes, now I seem to have an explanation. But, still there remains one question. Where do I want to go?

I think. I wonder. I cry. I think, again. I recall. I see. Yes, I see. The words. The sentences. ‘The way we do it’. ‘Aspire to achieve’. ‘Learning by experience’. ‘Interact with world’. ‘The Delhi University factor’. ‘Focus on individual’. It needs no explaining further. This must be it. Yes, it must be FMS. Nothing else will do.

Now there are no questions left. Everything becomes clear and I feel better. Yes I feel much better…

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