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Usually I am not a poem reader but, when I picked up this book of poems called “Elisabeth and Other Poems” by Professor Leonard A. Slade, I could not put it down. The poems were so real and vivid, the story just jumped out at you. One main reason why I am not much of a poem reader is because they are not easy to follow and hard to read, the poems in “Elisabeth and other Poems” were very easy to read and understand. I felt that I can relate to some of the poems also witch made me want to keep reading also. The poems about family and being a black man I could relate to first hand. The poem “Black and Beautiful is one of my favorites. How it depicts the life and thoughts of a black man is very real. “Feet tired and hurting, Heart heavy and hungry, Attacked because I’m African, Rejected because I’m Black, Despised because I’m proud. But I smile. I am Black. I am beautiful”. This poem I can relate to, growing up in upstate New York where racism is strong I feel like that poem was written for me, the poem expresses my life and how I feel. The poem “Acquaintances” I can relate to and is very real to me also. To me this poem is about two people who meet and began to like each other. As they talk and want to take their relationship to another level they realize that it will be hard because he is a black man and she is a white woman. I can relate to this poem because I know what it’s like first hand to be in an inter-racial relationship and to deal with the problems that come along with it. Another one of my favorite poems is “Fear”. When I first read this poem is just sat and thought about it for a while, then read it over and over again. It’s amazing how 1 short lines can tell just a powerful, vivid story that’s so real. Everybody who has had a friend can feel this poem, how your parents tell you to trust god (well I know mine do), and how other thing you may be afraid of but nothing is worst then being stabbed in the back by your best friend. All the poems in this book are great stories and everyone can relate to an aspect in most of them. I would recommend this book of poems to everyone; even if you are not a poem reader (like me) you will find yourself not putting this book down until you are done.

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