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Coercive Acts of 1774

- Boston Port Bill (June 1 1774)

The Boston Port was closed until East Indian Company paid for the damages of the tea party and the Parliament paid the tax due on the tea.

- The Administration of Justice Act (May 0 1774)


British soldiers could not be tried for any crimes that they might commit in provincial courts. They would be extradited back to Britain and tried there. Americans called this the murder act because the offenders had little chance of being given a fair trial in America, but little chance of justice being met in Britain either.

- Quartering Act (March 4 1765)

This law required that colonial authorities furnish barracks and supplies to British troops. In 1776, the law expanded to every public house and unoccupied building had to house these British soldiers, and soon on June nd the law covered the quartering of men in private homes and the colonials citizens were required to house and feed the British officers and troops there.

- Massachusetts Government Act (May 0 1774)

This law annulled the charter of the colonies giving the British governor complete control over town meetings and taking control out of the hands of the colonists. The members of the Massachusetts Council would be appointed by Governor, not elected by the Assembly. The Governor in fact, appointed all the officials, juries and sheriffs. This allowed the governor to appoint members of the upper house of the state legislature.

Quebec Act (May 0 1774)

· - The Quebec Act was shaped by the ideas of the government, law officers, Canadians, and independent advisors. This law revoked the proclamation against westward expansion in Canada. It also amended the Quebec boundaries. This border now stretched southwards along the Ohio River behind the Allegheny Mountains. The Quebec Act also gave freedom to worship to Roman Catholics and allowed priests to collect and allowed the priests to collect tithes from their parishioners.


These events helped the colonies bond together. They joined together in boycotting British goods and prepared colonists for war with Britain and helped them declare independence. The Colonies united and responded quickly from a call from Virginia for a Continental Congress that met in Philadelphia in September of 1774.

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