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Azheem The Man of Mystery

In the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Morgan Freeman plays the role of Azheem, a foreigner who owes Robin Hood his life. While Robin Hood is being held captive by the sheriff, he meets Azheem and sets him free in exchange for a favor that Azheem can pay later in their journey together. Azheem surpasses this favor many times throughout the movie and because of this, he is loyal as seen through his physical characteristics, beliefs, and actions.

Azheem is first loyal to his Islamic religion which can be shown by his clothing. Most people in hot temperatures wear clothes that are thin and revealing. Azheem stays true by keeping on his long shirt and his thick pants to keep all body parts covered although he is in the desert. He also wears multi-colored belts around his waist and a turban to keep his head covered at all times. Azheem is loyal to his religion through his clothing, and he is loyal to his religion through his beliefs.

Azheem’s first sign of being loyal to the Islamic religion is seen when Robin Hood is being attacked by several men and Azheem continues praying to the East instead of helping him. Azheem tells Robin that he will die for a woman if necessary and that is why he was being held captive. He refuses to partake of alcohol when the people in Sherwood Forest are celebrating. He is loyal to his religion by believing that a promise is a promise. Azheem keeps his promise to Robin Hood in many ways which can be seen through his actions.


Azheem is loyal to Robin Hood; therefore, he is loyal to the people of Sherwood Forest. His loyalty is shown through the use of his knowledge and strength. He uses his telescope to alert them that the enemies are coming, so he can help Robin Hood fight off these enemies whenever possible. He introduces them to an irrigation system; consequently, he makes it easier for them to retrieve water while living in the forest. When the time comes, Azheem introduces the people of Sherwood Forest to gunpowder so that they can help take over Nottingham. Azheem is the only person who can keep the woman and her baby from dying because of her difficult childbirth. More importantly, Azheem acts as a mentor to Robin Hood and keeps him optimistic in his time of need because he knows that everyone looks up to him and depends on him to finish what he starts.

Throughout the movie, Azheem knows how to be loyal to his friend without being disloyal to his religion. Because of this balance, the people of Sherwood Forest are safe and Azheem keeps a clean conscience

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