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The plus side of Computers

Computers have come a long way since their inventing in the 150’s. They have been a huge advancement in our world as a whole. This is one of the most breakthrough technologies that we have been able to create as human beings.

Computer technology has quite possibly been the one most vital advancement since the invention of the wheel. Computers now seem to be everywhere, be they in a television by form of the infamous V-Chip or an automobile as a GPS tracking console; they influence almost everything and anything that our modern day can conceive.

Quite possibly, one of the greatest advancements computer technology has done within our society is its effect on all our modern day technology as a whole. For example



· Eliminating the need for written medical records.

· Find prescriptions faster and safer as well as convenient.

· Confidentiality is securer.


· A computer capable of making almost no mistakes can perform life-saving surgery with the guidance of a human operator.

· Microscopic incisions can be performed with a machine with a human operator.

· Pacemakers and other wonders of computers can save someone who cannot live on their own.

Computers also branch out from the medical field into various other subjects. Money is now easier and safer to both acquire and store thanks to computers.


· Keeping track of your financial records, such as bank accounts and credit lines are easier to do.

· Transactions between teller and customer are safer and securer and almost incapable of error.

· Even Stock markets prices can be monitored with the greatest of ease.

From money to education, the versatility of computers is endless


· Our young promising minds can further their education with computers.

· It doesn’t have to stay with our youngsters. Even those that feel too old to attend a class with younger students can do a course online to both further their education and add, or acquire, a helpful job skill.

From educating our young minds to protecting them at night my means of our military, the computer can do it all.


· It can specialize defenses to target and eliminate any threat with the most deadly of accuracy. Like the million dollar missiles we used in the conflict with Iraq recently.

· It can lead our troops into combat with a precision strike that ensures their relative safely and, ultimately, the victory.

Computers have the cutting edge on communications, perhaps one of their greatest achievements with other technologies.


· Email and other various forms of electronic communications are prime examples of computers at their best.

· Cellular phones.

· Satellite communications.

With communications comes business. A thriving business needs to communicate in order to succeed.


· International corporations can be monitored and optimized by computers.

· A business can be linked together with a network or intranet, ensuring functionality and overall success.

Of these, the single most important aspect of advancement of technology would be the advancement of computer technology itself. It is always growing and changing. As we have talked about before, computer technology has a major connection to disk space and virtual memory, the same thing, basically. Without memory on a hard drive, the computer just wouldn’t exist. If you recall Moore’s Law, our computing power has kept up with that statement.

Without Computers we could not have possibly been able to become the advanced civilization that we are today. Computers have made our day-to-day life, so much easier. With technology like todays, one can only wonder where we can possibly go with it next…

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