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The children of today have many more advantages than the children of two or three

generations ago. Lets just take the TV as an example.

The children of today do not need to learn to read as early or to develop an imagination.

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All their fairy tales, bed time stories and cartoons are shown in living color on TV. There

is nothing to read and nothing is left to the imagination.

There is really no need to try and get a college degree. You can just get a job in the TV

industry. After watching most of the new shows on TV, it is obvious that most of the

writers, directors and actors never got past grade school.

The children today do not need to try to slip into the local pool hall to hear some of those

words that they are taught in Sunday School should never be used. They can hear all

the dirty talk they want to at home on TV.

The cartoons today are even rated, many with a PG1 rating. This rating is usually for the

foul language, however some are rated for the sex and violence. I thought that cartoons were

supposed to be entertaining and funny; however, the cartoons of today are anything but

funny and entertaining.

The children, by the time they are old enough to talk, are being programmed to tell their

folks just what they want. The big advertising agencies are directing more and more

advertising each year to the children. The advertising personnel know exactly who

controls the purse strings at home. Just take a good look at McDonalds and the billions of

burgers they have sold. It is the kids meal with the advertised toy that has brought

McDonalds all that business.

The youth of today no longer have to lie about their age in order to get into the theater to

see a XXX rated movie. They now have cable TV at home and can watch the XXX rated

movies whenever they want to. The ones who do not have cable TV at home usually

have friends that do have cable and they can visit their friends and watch all the XXX

movies they want to.

The young people of today are learning from the soap operas just how easy it is to go

from one husband/wife to another with no feelings of guilt; or how to live together

without getting married. Are these the morals we really want to teach our youth?

Yes, TV is very educational, but is this what we want to be teaching our children? Too

many people use the TV as a baby sitter. They turn the TV on, go on about their business,

and leave the TV to entertain their children.

As long as the children are quiet the parent is satisfied.

Have you sat down with your child lately and watched TV with him/her to see what

shows they are watching? You may be surprised at some of the things they are showing

on the childrens channel now.


Advantages and disadvantages of TV.

We talk to various people from different countries about their attitudes about TV. Does TV educate or stimulate? Or it is a drug or tranquilizer used to control the population. There are some views, e.g. “TV has been the greatest instrument of social democracy in Western European socialites”, - said Mr. Smith from British film institute. Some people disagree, 0 % of TV programmes in some countries are foreign. And some people think and feel, that TV has disrupted local culture and social ties. Why do developing countries introduce TV? Perhaps government do it for prestige, to show that they have introduced new technology into their societies. Another possible reason is that political leaders want their people to see them on TV.

TV is a very expensive medium and many countries don’t have the technology and the money to make their own television programmes. The result is that most countries are dependent on TV of Britain and America. It is easier and cheaper to buy foreign products mainly soap operas. So, a lot of people feel that TV is a danger to local cultures in some countries.

How do people usually answer the question “What are you going to do tonight?” or “What are you going to do at the weekend?” In other words how do people spend their free time.

Some 0 or 0 years ago the usual answers used to be “We are going to the theatre” or “We are going to the party” or “We are having some friends round”. Now you are very often hear “We are going to stay at home and watch the television”.

A first-rate colour TV set has become an ordinary thing in the household today and a video cassette recorder is quickly becoming one.

Modern TV offers viewers several programmes on different channels. In addition to regular newscasts you see plays and films, operas and ballets and watch all kinds of contests, quizzes and sporting events. You can also get a lot of useful information of the educational channels. A good serial can keep the whole family infront of the TV for days, and don’t we spend hours and hours watching our favorite football and hockey term in an important international event.

In the conclusion we may say, TV most definitely plays a very important part in people’s life, but is this a good thing or a bad one? Don’t we go out less often, then we used to? Don’t we read less?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of TV and Satellite Transmission in Distance Learning


Students must be more active and self-directed in the learning environment

Educational opportunities are close to home

Students receive exposure to telecommunication technologies

Access to media-rich learning environment

Opportunities to develop technology competencies

Contact with students in other locations in the region

Opportunities to participate in statewide and nationwide events

Develop stronger relationships with classmates


Little to no in-person contact with faculty member

Occasional feelings of isolation

Time involved to learn how to negotiate system

Occasional technology problems

Increased wait for feedback about assignments

Student must be more active and self directed in learning environment

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