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I have a problem with cramming for a test the night before I am scheduled to take it. I also have a problem with Test taking. One of the biggest problems is procrastination. The last but not least problem is when and where to study. All these problems are negative study habits that I struggle with and I need to change them.

I like to cram for tests the night before because I have not studied any prior to then. Cramming for tests creates stress and confusion, which prevents me from processing information accurately and achieving the grade I am capable of. If I were to study systematically in short, well-spaced sessions I would learn more. I would still need to take a fifteen minute break in between each hour of study. It would also help me to use college resources such as library, computer labs, tutors, and any type of review session offered by the professor. The main thing that I need to do is set up a study schedule and follow it.

I also have a problem with taking test because I freeze up. I never ask to see what kind of test that I will be taking and that is a bad thing. I need to familiarize myself with the test, and that means asking the professor what type of test he/she will be giving. I need to remember specific facts, details, terms, and definitions. I need to avoid talking about or worrying about my work and just start studying. When I need to read something, I need to see how much time I have and schedule the reading over that time period. I need to review my notes and any other study resource everyday until the test. Studying with other well-prepared students might also help me.

I have a huge problem with procrastination which is thinking about studying and talking about it and never actually doing it. I need to learn to set my priorities. I need to set small goals and when I achieve these small goals I need to reward myself. I need to use a time schedule and learn when is my best time to study. I need to be realistic when I make my study schedules and not say that I will study for 5 hours when I know that I will never study for that long. I need to just get started studying when I think that I need to study. I also need to reward myself after I know I have studied hard and learned a lot.


I never know when or where to study. I sometimes think that it is OK to study in front of the TV. I do not understand how I say that this is OK because I never learn anything when I do this because I am always watching television. I need to plan two hours of study time for every hour spent in class. I need to study difficult subjects first. I need to avoid cramming. I need to find out the best time of day for me to study. I also need to make a weekly to-do list and follow it. I need to study in the same place each time. I need to learn to use the library and set up study groups. I also need to let my husband know that I need time to study alone at least twice a week.

I am going to try and set aside a special time and place to study every day. I will not cram for tests anymore because I now know how to avoid this. Knowing and recognizing these bad study habits will help reduce the stress and confusion that I have when taking tests. Now instead of procrastinating I will just start to study and then after a little while I will reward myself with a break. I know that I need to study at least two hours a day. I also need alone time to study at least twice a week. Group study I think will help me also if the people in the group are well prepared.

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