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The statement “Without diversity our worlds would be disconnected” is more wrong then right. Whether we choose to be the same as one another or if we choose to be different our worlds are still going to be disconnected. Our worlds are already disconnected as every person in the world are diverse, we may share the same interests or beliefs but people don’t agree on everything therefore making us disconnected. Another thing that makes us cut off from each other is living in different towns, cities and countries.

Self-image and body image are just two of the main categories that are “disconnecting” us from one another. People say that we each have our own identity and that it is a good thing, but there is a price to pay for being different or individual. That price is exclusion from some groups and getting teased. This is because not every individual chooses to wear the same as what every “normal” teenager should be wearing other youths see those individuals and exclude then because the way they dress or act. This exclusion does not always happen but it is a common occurrence during teenage years. This mainly happens during adolescence because youths are trying to find their own self-image. This disconnects people of that age group since they may have different views to other teenagers, this cause conflict between them, resulting in disconnecting from each other.

Friendship groups, everyone has been in one or is still in one. Are they disconnecting us or connecting us? Disconnecting and connecting. At high school there are many friendship groups, “popular”, “loser”, “sporty” and “the smokers” are just a few of these groups. Each group is diverse, whether it is the way they communicate or what they do for fun. This is definitely disconnecting us because if you’re not the same as the sort of person in the other groups then they do not accept you. It also disconnects us because instead of interacting with everyone you’re restricted to the people in your group only. In most groups there is an image that the members want to portray as there own, this image is what “the group” want everyone to see them as, and sometimes how they want to be seen is not how the other groups see them. Peer groups also connect us because being in a group bring people of the same likes and dislikes together.

Body image is important to teens because everywhere around the world teenagers are being forced to comply with a certain image. For girls this image is to be thin a “perfect” like the models in magazines. For boys it is to be muscly and “beautiful” like the men on billboards. Peer groups, celebrities and the media may apply the pressure. The media play a huge role in producing a false picture of what we should look and act like. Some people choose to follow the media and try to become that “perfect” person not knowing that person was only made that way by using hours of make-up and computers. Others choose not to be influenced by the media and keep their own identity. These people are the ones that know personality makes a person.

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Brittany Spears, Brad Pitt, Marilyn Munroe and Denzel Washington all have one thing in common, there all famous celebrities. Whether we’ve heard of them, seen them in movies or their our idols, celebrities have a big effect on us, even if we don’t notice it. No celebrity is the same, they might share the same stylist or hairdresser, but just like any “normal” person they have personal problems, values and opinions. Celebrities are disconnected from the “average” person mainly because with fame comes fortune. They can afford the best of everything and they can shut themselves out of the” real world” and live in huge houses trying to forget what it was like being an “average” human.

Everywhere you go there is music, positive, negative and inspirational. It is dividing up our worlds without us really knowing. All we need to do is listen to the lyrics of a few songs by various artists and we can notice that they are singing about what’s affecting them and modern society. Rappers in particular rap about racism and how it disconnects them from the world. Tupac for example, he raps about issues that matter like homelessness, racial killings and teenage pregnancy. In one song Tupac raps about how he felt as a young boy and being kicked out of groups for being a different race. This is disconnecting us because different races listen to music like this and develop a hate for another race, because it was mentioned in their favourite singers songs. As well as disconnecting us music connects us such as the concert they had in memory of the World Trade Centre attacks in the U.S. So connecting or disconnecting music is a big role in people’s lives.

Self-image, body image, music, friendship groups or even our idols are disconnecting us from the other “worlds” in our world. People may feel pressured or choose to try becoming what they are not. The ones that feel pressured to do anything are the ones that need to remember that their life equals their choice. Our “worlds” are disconnecting because we all are different and no matter how hard we try to change nobody can make a perfect world. Although people may make a small difference at school or at home it is too hard for anybody to change the world. Just try imagine the world with all the people in it the same, the same personality, it would be boring so individuality is a good thing at keeping our worlds interesting even if it is dividing our worlds.

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