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Jared Storstad

English 4



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Hero Paper

I believe there are heroes among us today. The brave souls in everyday life; just average people who will go that extra step to help others in time of need. They have certain qualities that define their character; such as courage, determination, and compassion toward fellow man or animal in dangerous and or compromising situations. Heroes in my mind are never selfish, have respect for others, and will always be there for their loved ones as well as sacrifice themselves for total strangers.

I consider the heroes of today to be as of the people who helped during the tragic terrorism attack that took place in our country during September 11th, 000. Every person from the firefighters and officers along with many others including the medical communities, to the people who donated funds for relief support to the cities, also families of the innocent victims; as well as emotional and spiritual support.

Not every individual is of heroic nature. Many would choose not to get involved through lack of caring or of the conviction that society will remedy the situation as it is not their problem. I do not believe it is easy or necessarily a learned behavior, rather more so an inherent trait to stand out among others in that fashion. Although times have changed and technology advanced so have the challenges in proportion. In summation it is never too late to ask oneself if the qualities and attributes are the making of heroism.

Jared Storstad


English 4


The Mead-Hall

Im a muscular giant, with the strength of twelve seniors. I have the ability to jump clear over six foot fences with a single leap. The sight of a hawk and hearing of a leopard. I, Jared am an astounding specimen but some day I will meet my match. In every new year comes new armies of Junior and Sophomore classes. The past couple of years I, Jared was intimidated by the beastly senior class. But this is my year to take charge, I have first choice in the lunch lines, and the lines of water fountains, as the seniors did the previous year. It was my turn to have someone look up to me as having a greater knowledge and power. I get great respect for my years of seniority in school. The less experienced students look at me as a role model, just as the next year students will look unto to them as the same. I will crush all that oppose my seniority in the great halls. I will also give the stragglers and opposers of my rule an unsteady burning look of warning before I crush them. I caution all of those who think they are great and mighty to stop and think for a minute that there is always someone with more years of seniority than you around the corner always looking to meet their match.

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